Global sprawl

Urban Sprawl Wraps the Globe


Melbourne, accessed 11/13/2013,

In a conversation about planning, urban sprawl is bound to come up. Opinions on urban sprawl range from it playing a large part in causing global warming to providing a healthy, happy place to live. Whatever an individuals opinion may be, the fact is that urban sprawl is a popular topic. Most conversations involving sprawl center around the U.S., born from the post WWII housing boom. Although the United States may be the focal point of modern sprawl, it is not an issue that stays within the confines of The United States. Below, I compiled a list of links below showing different places outside of the U.S. that are experiencing sprawl and the issues involved with it.

An introductory explanation about Urban Sprawl spreading throughout the world:

 Urban Trends: Urban Sprawl Now a Global Problem

Mexico is especially interesting to me, this video link shows the issues Mexico City is facing in terms of ever-increasing urban sprawl:

Mexico City’s Urban Sprawl

This article discusses how urban sprawl is happening in Mexico City and what the effects are:

Urban Spread is Staining Greenery of Mexico City

A country with very limited hinterland, Great Britain, is at risk of losing countryside to Urban Sprawl:

More than half the British countryside at risk of ‘urban sprawl’ if planning laws are relaxed, campaigners warn

In this blog post published December, 2, 2012 the author discusses how sprawl is part of the reason Ireland’s countryside is suffering:

Urban Sprawl Ireland

This article is a unique insight into urban sprawl in South Africa and its  connection with modern apartheid:

How Urban Sprawl is Creating Echoes of Apartheid in Capetown

This is an in depth article about the density of Latin American cities and the possibility of urban sprawl in their growth forecast:

Urban Sprawl and Fragmentation in Latin America: A Comparison with European Cities. The myth of the diffuse Latin American city.  

Asian countries are being affected by urban sprawl, especially China with its rapid growth:

Farmland grabs by urban sprawl and their impacts on peasants’ livelihood in China: An overview

This article examines Urban Sprawl in Perth, Australia and provides some suggestions on how to avoid it:

Perth’s urban sprawl ‘at breaking point’

Even our northern neighbor is also loosing valuable farmland to sprawling growth patterns:

Urban sprawl is destroying Ontario’s farmland

I’ve provided examples of how urban sprawl has, or will have an effect on every inhabitable continent on Earth. We have the ability to look at other countries problems and solutions, although we should be wary that there is not a one size fits all approach to fixing Urban Sprawl. Instead, we should learn from each other and use information and experience to create a solution unique to our area.