Innovative bike paths

Innovative bike lanes are popping up all over the world. Many cities are working hard to get more people to ride their bikes over their cars. Not only can this help cut down carbon emissions, but it can create a safe environment for people to exercise and commute. There are many benefits for getting less people driving their cars, and some cities are doing it creatively.

britian bikelane

photo obtained from John Metcalph, Atlantic Cities

The Glowing Bike Lane-This bike lane in London has anti slip properties, saves money on energy bills, and creates a safer environment at night.


Many people decide not to take their bike because they do not feel safe. Many cities are combating this by creating safer bike lanes.

Protected Bike Lane- This bike lane in San Francisco provides bicyclist with a safer path. Three foot post are designed to keep bike lanes separate.

San fransisco bike lane

Photo obtained from the team Fezzari blog


In order to get more people to ride their bike, some cities are getting creative.

Bike Lift- Many places can prohibit people from riding their bike because of hills. This is an example of a bike lift in Norway.  It was used to get people interested in riding their bikes to work without getting sweaty.

norway bike lane

Photo courtesy, My little Norway

Bike lanes in Germany are a lot safer as well. For the most part they are a part of the existing sidewalk. The sidewalks are wider, and the bike lanes are not as crowded. They also look a lot “fancier” with no large BIKE LANE painted on the middle of it.


Photo courtesy the athletic minded traveler

Economic Development

Some places are using bike lanes as a way to promote local business. The Boise Ale Trail is a self-guided bike tour to local breweries. The Breweries are promoting the trail by creating a passport. If you complete going to all the breweries via your bike then you get half off any beer for 14 days.

boise ale trail

Photo courtesy the Boise Ale Trail

Boulder Colorado received the crème da la crème-Platinum bike status from the League of American Bicyclist a few years ago for their intricate system of bike lanes in the downtown area.  The bike lanes make it safer and easier to ride your bike to downtown Boulder.


Photo obtained from Treehugger