Looking at Boise, historically, currently, and geospatially.

Boise Rendering, Google Earth 2013

Boise Rendering, Google Earth 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when you combine pictures from multiple eras focusing on the same thing, the differences (or similarities) can speak volumes for themselves. In this video blog below, I wanted to draw attention to an area that I feel needs some serious TLC on the development side. While there are likely reasons, stories – or even excuses – as to why these areas are undeveloped after so long, it seemed quite logical to use some of the free technological tools at our disposal to make an argument or two. First, is that 30 years is far to long for a parcel in a downtown area to be a dirt plot, and second, the main high-speed entrance to the downtown area should be a welcome sign, not a brown, dusty parking lot.

Second to that, these tools are free to the public, and a little bit of education goes a long way. Tools like these are useful for the every-citizen, not just the planner or the developer. So, in a way, it’s a showcase of tools in a useful toolbox.



4 thoughts on “Looking at Boise, historically, currently, and geospatially.

  1. Nice job Sean. Not only is this an interesting site in Boise, your blog also shows how these freely available tools provide an amazing resource.

    • Thanks Dr. Vos. We’ve enjoyed using them to expand our knowledge of Boise – seemed like a good opportunity to share them.

  2. Hi Sean, I’m a regular reader of Planning Required and hopeful student in the Community and Regional Planning program this coming fall. It would be great to see these sites developed in some and I was wondering if you may know if there are any prospective plans that the city of Boise may have in store for these sites? It is strange to see these spaces sit empty other than for parking which seems to happen in the southern plot of land. It would be great to see these spaces utilized as some type of mixed use retail/restaurant/ and housing since the area sees all of these in that vicinity with the aspen lofts and micro-brew town on Front Street. Hopefully any residential space built on that land would be slightly cheaper than the Aspen Lofts though.

    • Hi Kyle. I believe we met once at Dr. Ashley’s Fettuccine Forum talk. Thanks for the comments. The more you look around the more you find people actually thinking and talking about these two parcels. I do love the idea of having mixed use residential taking up that area. Some of us have plans to redevelop the sites in and around there for a separate class on site design we are taking – there’s tons of better uses for those sites than dirt.

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