Alex Erickson is a graduate student at Boise State University currently pursuing a masters degree in Public Administration. He received an undergraduate degree from Boise State in philosophy and political science. Alex works at Thomas Development, a real estate development company specializing in affordable housing and sustainable development. He has since developed an interest in planning with special interests in community housing and smart growth planning. His other academic interests include education, housing, and environmental policy. Alex grew up in Idaho and enjoys hiking and skiing.Email me!

Andrew Crisp is a Graduate Assistant for the Blue Review, a popular scholarship publication printed by the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, and is pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning at Boise State University. His background in journalism includes experience as a reporter for Boise Weekly covering politics, arts and the City of Boise, and as a freelance writer for other area publications, including Idaho Business Review. Andrew has a strong interest in land use and transportation planning, and economic development. Follow him on Twitter and at The Blue Review.Email me!

Cody Butler is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he received a degree in Geography and Regional Development and is currently pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning at Boise State University. He spent his formative years roaming the cities and towns of the Sonoran Southwest as well as adventuring through the Northwest. He spent a large portion of his time immersing himself in the unique border culture that the Arizona frontier provides, and in this time took a deep interest in place and how it forms people and perceptions. Since graduation from the University of Arizona in 2011 he spent his time continuing his work as a carpenter and as a logger both in Idaho and in Arizona. Cody’s goal in planning is to foster the community feel and vibrant activity he experienced in the agrarian communities in Mexico and throughout the U.S. while promoting solid economic and social growth.Email me!

Dean Gunderson is pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning from Boise State University. He has over a decade of experience serving on the Technical and Transportation Modeling Advisory committees for the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho, is a former Director for the Valley Regional Transit Authority, and the former Associate Director for the Idaho Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. He has worked for various public agencies: as a principal planner for land use and transportation, a senior planner for design review, and as the campus planner for Boise State University. Dean is committed to substantive public involvement and is certified as both a charrette facilitator and director by the National Charrette Institute. He has also received regional and national recognition for his architectural, urban design, civic engagement and sculptural work. Dean is committed to improving the quality of life within his community through liveable design.Email me!

Kyle McCormick is a graduate student at Boise State University pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning. Kyle has recently completed his undergraduate degree in history with a minor in anthropology from Boise State. During his undergraduate career he interned for the City of Boise’s Planning and Development department. Within the department he worked with the Historic Preservation Planners on a National Register Nomination survey of a block in downtown Boise. Kyle is interested in heritage and cultural resource planning and wants to preserve local history and culture in areas where there is constant pressure for development.Email me!

Aaron Mondada is graduate student at Boise State University pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning.  Aaron is currently a graduate assistant for Dr. Jaap Vos and Dr. Amanda Johnson Ashley.  Aaron is an urban environmentalist who is an advocate of locally grown food initiatives, public transportation, and conservation.  Born and raised in Idaho, Aaron is familiar with the local community and wants to use that knowledge along with his education in both political economy and planning as a means to improve the built environment,  local economic development, and sustainable western growth.Email me!

Jennifer Shelby is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning at Boise State University. She is also working in the department as a Graduate Assistant researching the unique attributes of planning in the West. She received her bachelors degree in economics with a minor in visual art. Because of her personal and academic achievements she was selected as a Signature Student of the College of Business and Economics. Last spring, her essay on Farmers Markets was published in Local, Simple, Fresh, the most recent edition of the Investigate Boise book series. She is interested in creative solutions to urban problems and innovations to activate underutilized spaces. In addition to her academic pursuits, she is a mom, an artist, a cyclist, and a chess coach for her son’s school.Email me!

Juli McCoy is an Idaho native who grew up on a ranch near Yellowpine. She recently completed her BA in Anthropology at Boise State University and is continuing her education by pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning. Juli worked in cultural resources management throughout the course of her undergraduate studies and as a result  is interested in preserving our connection to the past through judicious preservation of historical buildings, districts and significant historical sites. As an Idaho native she is also particularly passionate about protecting the unique lifestyle we enjoy while allowing for future growth and development.Email me!

Kelly Jensen is a graduate student at Boise State University pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. Kelly received his undergraduate degree from the University of Idaho, where he studied sociology and criminal justice, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in 2008. Being born and raised in Idaho, Kelly is an outdoor enthusiast. He is also an avid traveler, having backpacked through nearly 20 different countries and has spent months at a time overseas. Currently, Kelly works as a realtor and property manager in Boise, Idaho. He specializes in working with residential real estate in the Treasure Valley and has experience with investment income properties and land development throughout the state of Idaho. Kelly is interested in learning more about the planning process and discovering best practices and innovative solutions to issues that arise in real estate development and urban planning in the Boise area.Email me!

Malori Eckersell has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Boise State University and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Community and Regional Planning from Boise State University as well. As the daughter of an Idaho potato farmer, she has witnessed first hand the battles over water and land between the urban and rural areas of Idaho. She hopes to work in resource management, particularly in the American West where they depend on infrastructure to deliver water to both farms and cities. She considers alternative transportation options, and “buy local” initiatives as an important aspect of resource management and hopes to work to improve both the sustainability of the Urban West and to help sustain the agricultural base from which the American West grew.Email me!

Tod Morris graduated from Montana State University with a B.A. in Human Geography last December. He recently moved to Boise and is attending Boise State’s Masters of Community and Regional Planning program. His background in human geography brings an understanding of social trends around the world and provides a degree of sensitivity to the planning practice. He is interested in the social aspect of planning and the work done by planners to revitalize troubled areas. Tod grew up in the Intermountain West and wants to protect the human and natural landscapes that make this area so special.Email me!

Sean Kelly is a graduate student at Boise State University pursuing a Masters of Community and Regional Planning. A retired US Army SFC with a background in Intelligence, Security and Counter-Terrorism, he is interested in veterans’ well-being within existing communities as well as the development of communities in general. Sean is a recent graduate of Boise State University with a BS in Sociology and a BA in Philosophy.Email me!

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